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Adaptation of Economic Models for HTAs

CHEORS provides country adaptations of global economic models with the aim of developing precise estimates of the economic impact on payers in specific countries or regions To create country-specific models, our teams may modify patient demographics, disease epidemiology, cost of treatment, comparative products, healthcare-resource use, healthcare-resource costs, impact on quality of life, among others.  Since no two countries are alike, the same applies to model adaptations which are customized specifically for the intended target audiences.   

CHEORS follows a highly structured adaptation process, featuring double programming, as well as implementing rigorous quality checks, conducted by independent teams who then consolidate to finalize very high-quality models and reports.  Our teams also have significant experience in model enhancement as well model reduction.  Where applicable, reports are aligned with local HTA reporting requirements and local Subject Matter experts are brought in to lend their expertise. 

CHEORS has adapted models for over 40 countries and continues to work in new markets all the time