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Model Review and Quality Check

Health economic model development is complex and results from any model may be used to inform critical decisions on a global scale.  As a result, all models must provide an appropriate representation of the disease pathway and care, while also coded accurately, to produce credible and reliable results. 

For models designed and built by CHEORS, an independent quality control team rigorously tests each model using well-established procedures including: 

  • Double programming 
  • Development and use of testing modules 
  • Pressure-testing models for errors 

CHEORS is also able to review your existing models.  CHEORS can form an external panel of clinical and modeling experts from the CHEORS Subject Matter Expert Network to critically review the model structure and data sources; if appropriate, recommendations for improving the model will be made.  Finally, CHEORS’ quality control team can review the code and pressure-test the model for errors. 

CHEORS is known for producing high quality products; models developed and reviewed by CHEORS have been used globally and withstood the critical scrutiny of reimbursement agencies and other health care decision making authorities.