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Cost-Effectiveness Models

Most HTA agencies and other health care decision makers utilize cost-effectiveness models to determine the value of new healthcare interventions in terms of both cost and effectiveness.  CHEORS is experienced in developing cost-effectiveness models across an extensive range of therapeutic areas.  Our modeling team has the deep technical skills needed to employ the full range of modeling techniques including: 

  • Decision-tree models 
  • Markov and semi-Markov models 
  • Partitioned survival time models (often used in Oncology) 
  • Dynamic transmission models (for vaccines and infectious diseases)
  • Discrete event and individual micro-simulation models 
  • Models based on single-arm trials 

Because of our knowledge and experience in cost-effectiveness modeling, we design and develop cost-effectiveness models to address your needs, while meeting the high scientific standards of your customers.  For example, CHEORS developed an Oncology model which was completed and submitted to NICE in within three Months and resulted in a Positive Recommendation.